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Mould for self cover buttons

Button tools in different sizes for covering fabric buttons with cloth or thin leather.Suitable for button machine and button blanks.


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Self cover buttons

Self cover buttons for covering with fabric or thin leather. Available in many colours and sizes. Suitable for clothes (plastic) or upholstery (steel).

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Recoil spring press

Professional press for eyelets, studs, rivets, snap fasteners, buttons and much more. Buy now at GETMORE-SHOP!

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Button tools (for usage without press)

Button tools in different sizes for covering fabric buttons without machine. Usage with hammer.


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Button tool holder for recoil spring press

Tool holder for our button tools in the spring impact press.

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Professional button cover machine

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Create your own buttons individually with our button blanks by covering them with thin cloth or thin leather. The loop will permit to sew them on different materials. Our button blanks are available in the so called bomb shape and in the materials of synthetic material or steel. White button blanks are reasonable while covering with bright fabric, the black ones should be used for dark colours. Both white and black button blanks are absolutely stainless and therefore perfectly suited for clothing like coats, jackets, shirts, blouses and much more. Metal button blanks can be used for making upholstery buttons, because they will resist strong strain due to an separate eyelet on the bottom part of the button. Using them will enable you to make covered buttons for cushon of sofas, pillows and benches. Round tissue or leather slices for covering your buttons can be made by cutting with scissors or py using our circle cutter for punching tissu. These cutters are exclusively usable with our manual impact press in combination with the cutter adapter and plastic lower slice. Using these enables you making button covers quick and efficently. For pressing botton blanks you can either use our button machine or manual impact press. Both presses are usable with our button tools. Besides working button blanks, our impact press allows you to work eyelets/grommets, rivets and snap fasteners.