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Snap fasteners S-spring

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Snap fasteners ring spring

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Jersey snap fasteners

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Self cover buttons

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Snap fasteners or press studs, or patent fasteners, are perfect for creating fasteners on versatile materials, such as clothes, leather, jewellery or for handicrafting. Like this, press studs can be used for making bracelets, jackets, coats, blouses, waiscoast or for closure on bags or backpacks. Other than common buttons, snap fasteners are without sewing and guarantee a good closure when worked properly.

Our metal buttons are available in different colours, such as silver, black, gold and silver (nickel-plated) and can be purchased as low-priced steel buttons or absolutely stainless brass buttons. By purchasing our snaps you get durable, firmly closing buttons, which can be attached to many different materials and fabrics, such as leather, cotton, vinyl, cloth and used in the manufacture of various products.

Jersey press studs are particularly used for bedding, light blouses, baby and children clothes. For medium thicknesses and lighter clothing and textiles in particular, our S Pen pushbuttons are suitable. These can be attached (made of cloth) and more on shirts, slim jackets, vests, purses.

Generally takes the closing strength of our snaps with the outer diameter to, that a pushbutton VT-2 includes less than our S-spring push ALFA with a diameter of 15mm. The highest closing force you obtain  with our TYPE 61 ring spring snap. This one is ideal for leather bags, belts, leather jackets and coats with high material strength, and especially leather and synthetic leather goods.

Moreover, we can extend the fasteners TYPE 61 attach through a hole on the bottom side of surfaces such as wood, steel, plastic, etc. by means of a screw or a rivet, so installing a replaceable or removable cover to the appropriate material / frame can (for example for chairs, seats, tarpaulins and privacy protection, etc.).